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Posted 3 days ago by Ludo
Yesterday, ForgeRock hosted the London Identity Summit, 2016 Series. Attended by more than 300 customers, prospects, partners, the event was a great success. For a short summary of the event, check ForgeRock blog. Highlights, presentations, etc will all be available shortly… Continue reading →
Posted 6 days ago by Ludo
Until recently, the only way to store a JSON object to an LDAP directory server, was to store it as string (either a Directory String i.e a sequence of UTF-8 characters, or an Octet String i.e. a blob of octets). But… Continue reading →
Posted 25 days ago by Mark Craig
OpenAM docs have shifted focus from guides to topics. Learn why this is good news for you. Continue reading →
Posted about 1 month ago by Ludo
OpenDJ, the open source LDAP directory services, makes use of indexes to optimise search queries. When a search query doesn’t match any index, the server will cursor through the whole database to return the entries, if any, that match the… Continue reading →
Posted 3 months ago by Ludo
Directory Servers have been used and continue to be used to store and retrieve identity information, including some data that is sensitive and should be protected. OpenDJ LDAP Directory Services, like many directory servers, has an extensive set of features to… Continue reading →
Posted 4 months ago by Mark Craig
In recent builds of OpenDJ directory server, the REST to LDAP configuration changed quite a bit… for the better. The draft release notes tell only part of the story: The changes let you configure multiple endpoints each with multiple versions, … Continue reading →
Posted 5 months ago by Ludo
As the legacy Sun product has reached its end of life, many companies are looking at migrating from Sun Directory Server Enterprise Edition [SunDSEE] to ForgeRock Directory Services, built on the OpenDJ project. Several of our existing customers have already done… Continue reading →
Posted 6 months ago by Ludo
Today’s @CommitStrip carton made me laugh… And hopefully this is not how my colleagues think I can fix bugs : When the PM fixes a bug…Filed under: Software Tagged: bugs, commitstrip, developer, product-management
Posted 6 months ago by Mark Craig
You might already know that ForgeRock’s platform is built on open source software. We have been using Stash, now BitBucket, to host the git repos and to manage the review process. If you want to read the code or the … Continue reading →
Posted 6 months ago by Mark Craig
Congratulations to Cedric on the release of docbkx-tools 2.0.17 earlier this week. For those of you working with DocBook and Maven, docbkx-tools provides a plugin to generate output formats (HTML, PDF, etc.) as part of the Maven build, by applying the … Continue reading →