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Posted about 2 months ago by Ludo
Back on the saddle after a nice season break and quality time with the family. And there’s no better start than sending to you all my best wishes for 2017 ! May this new year bring you (more) love, happiness,… Continue reading →
Posted 3 months ago by Mark Craig
Some of you have been looking for the latest ForgeRock docs. They are still on BackStage: OpenAM (latest release: 13.5) OpenDJ (latest release: 3.5) OpenIDM (latest release: 4.5) OpenIG (latest release: 4.5) Try the BackStage search engine, too. (Top of the page at https://backstage.forgerock.com/docs.)
Posted 3 months ago by Ludo
Depuis plus d’un an, il y a des réunions mensuelles à Londres pour discuter des technologies autour de l’Identité Numérique, de la gestion des identités et des accès, de la gouvernance, de la sécurité… Les Identity Tech Talks arrivent à… Continue reading →
Posted 4 months ago by Ludo
Yesterday, DDoS mitigation provider Corero Network Security disclosed a zero-day distributed denial of service attack (DDoS) technique, observed in the wild, that is capable of amplifying malicious traffic by a factor of as much as 55x. Several sites published the story… Continue reading →
Posted 4 months ago by Mark Craig
ForgeRock doc tools 3.2.2 were released today. This is a maintenance release, compatible with earlier 3.2.x releases. ForgeRock doc tools 3.2.2 includes the following components: forgerock-doc-maven-plugin forgerock-doc-common-content ... [More] forgerock-doc-default-branding This release resolves bugs and includes several improvements. For details, see the … Continue reading → [Less]
Posted 4 months ago by Ludo
OpenDJ, the open source LDAP Directory Server, was the first to propose a native HTTP REST / JSON access to the data. In the next major release, OpenDJ will be providing many enhancements to the REST interface, that I will… Continue reading →
Posted 4 months ago by Ludo
L’édition Française de l’Identity Summit aura lieu le Mardi 15 Novembre à Paris, au Cercle National des Armées. L’Identity Summit, c’est l’événement qui permet de comprendre comment l’identité numérique est au coeur de la sécurité, de la transformation numérique et… Continue reading →
Posted 4 months ago by Ludo
In a previous post, I introduced the new JSON syntax, JSON query and matching rules that are delivered as part of the OpenDJ LDAP directory server. Today, I will give more insights on how to customise the syntax, tune the… Continue reading →
Posted 4 months ago by Ludo
Yesterday, ForgeRock hosted the London Identity Summit, 2016 Series. Attended by more than 300 customers, prospects, partners, the event was a great success. For a short summary of the event, check ForgeRock blog. Highlights, presentations, etc will all be available shortly… Continue reading →
Posted 4 months ago by Ludo
Until recently, the only way to store a JSON object to an LDAP directory server, was to store it as string (either a Directory String i.e a sequence of UTF-8 characters, or an Octet String i.e. a blob of octets). But… Continue reading →