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OpenMheg is a MHEG-5 engine for Windows.

It allows you to view over-the-air interactive services, such as BBCi and Teletext in the UK and other regions that use MHEG-5.

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ReleasesRelease 0.1.2 is available

Requires .Net Framework 3.5

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This is early pre-alpha code, so be prepared for issues. Please report any problems.

SummaryA framework for MHEG-5 that includes a working engine compliant to UK 1.06, an XML parser and ASN1 parser, and a GDI renderer.

It is written in C# and runs on .NET 3.5 or above. A BDA TV card that works with DC-DVB is needed to access the broadcast data stream. It can also be used to run saved static dumps of MHEG-5 applications.

It's licensed as a GPL 3 codebase.

Features:ISO MHEG-5 compatibility. XMHEG Decoder. ASN1 Decoder GDI+ Renderer. Hardware accelerated video overlay mixing and re-sizing support. Control DC-DVB as the DSM-CC. 90% + compatibility of UK profile 1.06. Anti-aliased fonts. Partially WorkingLive view ( limited to where DC-DVB works) Planned Future Developments:Persistable Cache. Installer. WPF Renderer. Cleanup of code base to make faster and more stable. Full UK profile 1.06 compatibility. Media Center plugin. Mono (Linux) compatibility. Native DSM-CC CommunityIt is hoped that this project will try to gather some interest in getting a fully working MHEG intrepreter in the near future. MHEG-5 is that standard used in both Freeview and Freesat in the UK, and a working intreperter would be beneficial for a wide audience.

To that end, any developers would be welcome to join the effort. Also a community of users to test and file bugs would accelerate development.

Please email me at dmmalam

gmail.com if you’re interested.



asn1 dvb dvb-t freesat freeview mheg mheg-5 net windows xmheg

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