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Open Publisher is a modular designed Content Management System. It is build on the top of a core MVC (model view controller) architecture calling “JAPA”. Open Publisher consists of a couple of modules.

MotivationThere are many ready to use systems which all have more or less weak points in its core architecture. Well known that there is no golden way to the perfect system, Open Publisher is an attempt to go into a new and hopefully better direction of application design.

Key featuresmodular simple mvc architecture ajax, rpc and cli support flexible and extensible Modul characteristicsOpen Publisher is released with the following modules:

navigation article (with comments support) link (extern links management) keywords (extended tagging) user Open Publisher core architecture supports many administration designs and logic. Currently it is distributed with one administration that works with javascript disabled. The only javascript part, the html editor TinyMCE, can be replaced by a markup library (textil or php_markdown) from within the general configuration. It works with pure text navigators like Lynx.

The default administration interface was designed with simplicity in mind. Which means, not bloated with features and with an intuitive user guidance. Keywords: usability, accessibility.

The final developer goal is to release a robust distribution with as less library dependencies as possible.


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    65% of companies leverage OSS to speed application development in 2016
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    in 2016, 47% of companies did not have formal process in place to track OS code
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