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Analyzed 4 days ago. based on code collected 4 days ago.
Posted almost 4 years ago by ylybl...@gmail.com (Joe69)
Another problem, when I load the shapefile, only some entries are display in the map, I don't know why.
Posted almost 4 years ago by hda...@gmail.com (hdam)
Hi, I use CustomMarker class to create circle features for my custom layer. They're rendered fine, but at the wrong coordinate, any pointers on what's happening are much appreciated, my code ... cirMarker.graphics.beginFill(0 x00FFCC); cirMarker.graphics.drawCircle( 0, 0, radius); feature = CustomMarker.createDisplayObje ctMarker(cirMarker,
Posted almost 4 years ago by ericher...@gmail.com (ranggalawe)
Hello, import org.openscales.core.layer.capa bilities.*; import org.openscales.core.basetypes. maps.HashMap; var wmsCap:HashMap; var wmsURL:String = "[link]"; var wmsGC:GetCapabilities = new GetCapabilities("wms", wmsURL, this.capabilitiesGetter, "1.1.0"); function capabilitiesGetter(getCap:GetC apabilities):void {
Posted almost 4 years ago by hmdavid...@gmail.com (Hermes David)
Hi, the code below draws a line in NY. After your map loads fust zomm there and you will see var featureLayer:VectorLayer = new VectorLayer("Drawing"); var style:Style = new Style(); style.rules.push(new Rule()); style.rules[0].symbolizers.pus h(new LineSymbolizer(new Stroke(0xFF0000,2)));
Posted almost 4 years ago by ylybl...@gmail.com (Joe69)
Hello, thank you for you reply. I load the shapefile thanks to Mapserver. So I have a layer in my mapfile which corresponds to the shapefile and my OpenScales web application use the mapfile for loading the shapefile. If you need more information, I will paste here the mapfile and the web app source code where I call the mapfile.
Posted almost 4 years ago by sbran...@gmail.com (Sjoerd Brandsma)
Hi, You can try this one: [link] We used this one as a basis and extended it for all geometries supported by openscales. Best regards, Sjoerd Brandsma CycloMedia 2012/1/27 Joachim Kullmann :
Posted almost 4 years ago by kull...@fh-bingen.de (Joachim Kullmann)
Hi. unfortunately I can't help you with your problem, but could you tell me how you load the shapefile. What library do you use? Regards, Jo Am 27.01.2012 11:55, schrieb Joe69:
Posted almost 4 years ago by ylybl...@gmail.com (Joe69)
Hello, I'm currently use Openscales 1.2 and I try to load an shapefile of point (1Mo and 30000 lines of data) in my OSM map. When OpenScales is load, there is no point in my map. Seems like the shapefile is too big to load and when finish to load by OpenScales, it doesn't redraw the map with points loaded.
Posted almost 4 years ago by evanli...@gmail.com (evanl)
Hello, I have run into an issue with co-ordinate system location reporting (for the current mouse position). What I've noticed is that co-ordinates as they appear reported in decimal degrees in OpenScales (including in the current web based demo) are not accurate. For example, positions reported in the OpenScales web demo (I'm using
Posted almost 4 years ago by diego.marrer...@gmail.com (diego)
Hi all. I need help with LineStringFeature. I'm trying to draw lines on a map, but the line is not showing. I have followed the examples I've found in this forum, but with no success. Could someone share a working example? TIA Diego Marrero