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Mobile Website JavaScript WidgetsHere is a collection of JavaScript widgets we developed at OpenSiteMobile. Our collection includes a datepicker, colorpicker, virtual keyboard for textareas and editable iframes, among other simple JavaScript controls and test pages. These light-weight widgets utilize the Dojo Toolkit, a powerful JavaScript programming framework similar to JQuery and Yahoo's YUI. Our widgets are being developed for use on mobile websites and are fully xHTML Mobile Profile 1.2 compliant (except for the keyboard for iframe - xHTML 1.0 Transitional) and most can be served as content type 'application/xhtml+xml' compliant XML. We use the Dojo framework because it allows for better cross-browser functionality, while reducing base function size and code maintenance requirements.

BackgroundThe Dojo toolkit includes a growing body of widgets, AJAX apps and DHTML effects, which we have made available in our latest version of MobileSiteOS™ Basic (see Our OSM Javascript widgets however do not utilize Dojo's 'digit' of 'dojox' sets of modules. As of this writing, many (most?) Dojo widgets are not XML compliant and many Dojo widgets require relatively large code downloads. We have tried instead to keep our widgets and scripts as 'light-weight' as possible, sacrificing Dojo 'plug-in' functionality for less code and XML compliance.



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Jun 29 2015 — Jul 29 2015

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Jul 29 2014 — Jul 29 2015



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