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OpenSocial Aptana Jaxer Client Libraryopensocial-jaxer-client is OS API based OpenSocial Client Library for Server Side JavaScript on Aptana Jaxer.

ExamplesThe current release supports only fcauth of Google FrinedConnet.

rpcUrl: '',
fcauth: Jaxer.Util.Cookie.get('fcauth03382920006806842951')

* osapi.people
var viewer = osapi.people.getViewer().execute();'Your name is ' + viewer.displayName);

var viewer = osapi.people.getViewer({
fields: ['profileUrl', 'thumbnailUrl']
}).execute();'Your profile URL is ' + viewer.profileUrl);'Your thumbnail URL is ' + viewer.thumbnailUrl);

* osapi.appdata
var r = osapi.appdata.update({
userId: '@viewer', data: { gifts: 'a crazed monkey' }

var data = osapi.appdata.get({
userId: '@viewer', keys: ['gifts']
}).execute();'AppData gifts is ' + data[].gifts);

var r = osapi.appdata.deleteData({
userId: '@viewer', keys: ['gifts']

* osapi.activities
var r = osapi.activities.create({
userId: '@viewer', activity: {
title: 'Hello!', url: ''

var list = osapi.activities.get({
userId: '@viewer'

list.forEach(function(data) {'Activity title is ' + data.title);'Activity URL is ' + data.url);

* osapi.batch
var batch = osapi.newBatch()
.add('viewer', osapi.people.getViewer())
.add('data', osapi.appdata.get({ userId: '@viewer' }))
.execute();'Viewer id is ' +;'Viewer name is ' + batch.viewer.displayName);'Viewer thumbnail URL is ' + batch.viewer.thumbnailUrl);'AppData gifts is ' +[].gifts);

Changelog0.1.0This release supports osapi.appdata and osapi.activities.

osapi.appdata osapi.activities 0.0.1This release supports osapi.batch.

osapi.batch 0.0.0Startup of opensocial-jaxer-client project. This release supports only fcauth and osapi.people of Google FriendConnect.

fcauth of Google FriendConnect osapi osapi.base osapi.util osapi.people DownloadsThe last version is opensocial-jaxer-client-0.1.0. You can download it from the featured downloads box right on this page.

Also, you could use the SVN version to get the most actual code:

$ svn checkout opensocial-jaxer-client-read-only


In a Nutshell, opensocial-jaxer-client...


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Apr 9 2016 — May 9 2016

12 Month Summary

May 9 2015 — May 9 2016



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