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ORMer is differs from other PHP ORM tools because it needs no XML config files and makes no assumptions about table/field names. Whenever possible it discovers row relations through foreign keys.

Before we begin: What's your ideal usage like for a supremely elegant PHP ORM tool? Be inspired, and perhaps give me feedback here.

FeaturesAutomatic relationship discovery through foreign keys (complete on SQLite2 and MySQL 5.1.10+) Give the coder the ability to specify relationships manually if he/she doesn't want to use foreign keys No assumptions about table or field names No requirements pertaining to table or field names; use your own conventions Simplest possible way of adding extra where clauses to use when pulling related data: method chaining (see examples) Step out of the way when you need to flex SQL skills that ORMer can't hack Act as if you're dealing with classes and objects rather than database records See it in actionWhat about:

$all_ordered_products = user::find()->orders->order_product->product;
foreach($all_ordered_products as $product) {
echo $product->name;
}See some more examples

See the codeThere is a Mercurial repository available, so you can browse the code or checkout a copy. See the link to the right.

This project is seeking contributors. If you have some ideas about how ORM interaction should work, or want to dive into the nitty-gritty on a project whose code is intended to be readable and understandable by other developers, contact me.

Contact meGo here for now. Mention ORMer if it's about this project.


activerecord database object-relationalmapping orm php php5

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