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BackgroundThe OSLO protocol is the coming together of multiple location based companies to define how location can be shared between member networks.

The OSLO protocol comprises a suite of protocols that facilitate location federation between member networks. OSLO enables:

users to share their location with friends on member networks users to search for people nearby across all member networks users to send messages between networks users to display standardised public profile that works on all networks OSLO does not:

specify the location lookup system share user location information with member networks, just their friends on each network. Examples of OSLOOSLO federates three services: location, nearby and messaging.

Benefits of OSLOto the user: Connecting to people on other networks gives mobile social networking users a more exciting experience. Application builders can create better products on top of shared location information. OSLO member companies can focus on differentiation and adding value to users rather than bothering with re-building another location system, which is a commodity anyway. The alternative is a fragmentation of technologies. ImplementationOSLO defines a suite of existing protocols to enable members to federate their users' location, nearby queries, messaging and profile sharing. OSLO can be thought of as a recipe, that when implemented, connects you to member networks.

The following documents lay out implementation:

OSLO components: The required ingredients to connect to OSLO members Server Discovery: Looking up and connecting to OSLO compliant servers Technology Choices: Understand the background to OSLO's architecture decisions. Nearby query specification: Description of the protocol used to find nearby people, places, advertisements or media objects. OSLO Todoquick implementation recipe: the three steps to become OSLO enabled. pub-sub server discovery using DNS check urn:xmpp:... namespace check (nearby spec) define: oslo/name@membercompany.com/profile/name define: oslo/name@membercompany.com/profile/photo define: oslo/name@membercompany.com/profile/work


gps lbs location mobile social xmpp

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