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The OpenVista Interface Domain (OVID) layer is a set of development tools designed to enable software developers easier access to OpenVista data. Currently, we've implemented a set of java domain classes that demonstrate how this can be accomplished.

* If you've ever wanted to call an OpenVista RPC from java, then this tool would be of interest to you.

* If you've ever wanted to construct a fileman call in java because you can't find a suitable, existing RPC, then OVID would be of interest to you.

OVID is basically an RPC resource messaging interface with java bindings. OVID can execute an RPC and get the results. It is up to the developer to construct the call and glean the results into a usable format. Further, OVID contains mumps routines and a specialized RPC that can invoke File


j2ee java openvista vista web webservices

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