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Project Summary : Factoids

Analyzed over 7 years ago. based on code collected over 7 years ago.

Well-established codebase

The first lines of source code were added to parsec in 2003. If this older project has had recent activity, then this project likely is consistently delivering value, and attracts sustained effort from the community.

A longer source control history in conjunction with recent activity such as with this project, may indicate that this code base and community have enough value to hold contributors' interest for a long time. It may also indicate a mature and relatively bug-free code base, and can be a sign of an organized, dedicated development team.

Note: The source code for parsec might actually be older than the source control history can reveal. Many new projects begin by incorporating a large amount of source code from existing, older projects. You might be able to tell whether this is the case by looking for a rapid rise in the amount of code early in the project's history.

Well-commented source code

parsec is written mostly in Haskell.

Across all Haskell projects on Open Hub, 21% of all source code lines are comments.

For parsec, this figure is only 27%.

This high number of comments puts parsec among the highest one-third of all Haskell projects on Open Hub.

A high number of comments might indicate that the code is well-documented and organized, and could be a sign of a helpful and disciplined development team.

No recent development activity

The source code for parsec has not been changed in over a year.

Over 75% of all projects on Open Hub have no recent activity. Open source has a "long tail" of projects whose developers have moved on. But the code is still there for all to benefit from!

For this measurement, Open Hub considers only recent changes to the code. Over the entire history of the project, 13 developers have contributed.

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