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This library permits performing computations on the type-level. Type-level functions are implemented
using functional dependencies of multi parameter type classes. To date, Booleans and Numerals
(Naturals and Positives) are supported. With regard to Numerals, there is support for common
arithmetic operations (addition, substraction, multiplication, division, exponientation, logarithm,
maximum, comparison, GCD) over natural numbers (using a decimal representation to make compile-time
errors friendlier). Although making use of type-level computations might seem devious and obfuscated
at first sight, it is indeed useful in practice to implement lightweight dependent types such us
number-parameterized types (e.g. an array type parameterized by the array's size or a modular group
type Zn parameterized by the modulus).


assurance correctness haskell types

In a Nutshell, type-level...

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