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mirc scripts made by mOo
featured with
* account manager
* auto update
* login to MSN in IRC way
* code page support for mIRC 7+
* content base filtering
* c/e dictionary
* big set of emotions
* emotion icon, image pasting and displaying
* Google music searcher and downloader
* input filter with shuffle, wordsplit, word, difference highlighting, nick color, number color, text color etc
* output filter with translator, nice displaying etc
* GEO location display on join/part/quit or demand
* log viewer
* audio file and lyrics manager
* bundle with easy of use VNC server/client
* act as a IRC bouncer server
and more


bot chat chatting client internet_relay_chat irc ircbot linuxfire mirc mircscript scripts windows

In a Nutshell, taCo...

GNU General Public License 1.0

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Nov 3 2013 — Dec 3 2013

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Dec 3 2012 — Dec 3 2013
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