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The jxta-based project, called Juxta-CAT is an effort to use the JXTA architecture to build a job execution-sharing distributed environment. The "client" peers from this network can use this environment to submit/run their own jobs, basically, programs written in Java and stored on signed jar files, which can use nodes reachable from the net.
The user submissions are processed by several "broker" nodes, which determine the best candidate node/s to process any received job petition by first analyzing its computational cost: CPU usage, jobs queue, time as edge, average of completed job, etc. Once this evaluation is done, the petition is assigned and executed on the remote peer/s. Finally, the output result from the job execution is returned to the source peer, the owner of the petition.



In a Nutshell, The Juxta-CAT Project...

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May 25 2016 — Jun 24 2016

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