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Voodoo chat is a fast, convenient, easily customized Web chat system with the ability to continuously update the user messages (push). It has 4 different ways of displaying messages: a Perl-daemon (and C++ for higher perfomance) for continuous update, PHP-stream, Java-script emulation of stream, and classic refresh style. It features theme support, configurable rooms, private messages, ignoring, user status, a mini-mail system, inline images and image posting, graphical statistics, user-info, language packs, pre-moderation, club mode (only registered users can login) and more. Several data storage engines are available, including ones based on files, SysV shared memory, and MySQL. It has been tested on a real server with up to 500 simultaneous users (with C++ chat-daemon).


chat php web

In a Nutshell, Voodoo Chat...

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