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Posted over 3 years ago by unwesen
Or rather, free software, to be entirely correct. This is it. I won’t have time to work on PackRat very much any longer, though I can certainly oversee development a little. Some generous offers of help recently have given me the final nudge towards opening up the PackRat sources to the public. Let’s hope this [...]
Posted almost 4 years ago by unwesen
Back from the dead! Well, no, not quite. I did find a few hours recently to fix a small number of very rare crashes, though. So I took the time to roll a release. Unfortunately, my circumstances haven’t changed in a way that’d allow me to work on PackRat properly again, so that’ll be it [...]
Posted about 4 years ago by unwesen
Despite my lack of updating, PackRat has now broken the 10k downloads barrier! Yay! That makes me wish that circumstances allowed me to do some more work on it. Hmm. No promises, though!
Posted over 4 years ago by unwesen
I’m sorry to announce that PackRat will no longer be updated. I should explain. As you may have noticed, updates to PackRat — or this blog — have been relatively scarce these past months. While for a large part my work is to blame for that, it’s not that I’ve been entirely idle, and have [...]
Posted almost 5 years ago by unwesen
If you’re a happy Nexus One owner and are eagerly awaiting the latest Android version 2.2 (aka FroYo) to magically appear on your phone, wait no more! A few days ago I forced my N1 to upgrade, and I’ve written up instructions on how to do that here. It worked like a charm for me. [...]
Posted almost 5 years ago by unwesen
This release is mostly thanks to Mark Sunderland, who thankfully pointed out to me that PackRat’s lending feature does not work on HTC Hero phones that were upgraded to Android 2.1-update1. That’s now fixed — and kudos to Mark for helping me circumvent that bug in HTC’s upgrade! Other than that, I managed to solve [...]
Posted almost 5 years ago by unwesen
It’s been a busy few weeks since the last release, and that prevented me from pushing updates recently. But I’m glad to say that nothing terribly bad seems to have happened since then. This release fixes one fairly strange issue: if you added an item to the loan list, then from there to the wishlist, [...]
Posted almost 5 years ago by unwesen
Time to spread some happiness! Above you can see Timo, a happy PackRat user. If you, too, wish to be a happy PackRat user, why not go to the packrat store and purchase some happiness-inducing products? You’ll spread your happiness to Sander, who made the PackRat logo you’ll be wearing/drinking from, and to myself. Doesn’t [...]
Posted almost 5 years ago by unwesen
I receive a decent amount of emails from you guys out there, detailing what you think PackRat is good or bad at, telling me about crashes, etc. Today I received an email from a user that first astounded me, then angered me because I found it offensive, but that I then realized really requires answers. [...]
Posted almost 5 years ago by unwesen
Another week or so passed, another bug fix update. I’m getting into a rhythm here, hope I can keep this up. The good news is that the overall number of bugs is dwindling. The bad news is that as some bugs get fixed, the route gets cleared for you to encounter others. This week’s batch [...]