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PassBag is an open source multi-platform software that securely manage and store passwords. It allows developers, system administrators and other users using a large number of passwords to manage these passwords with a single tool. Many users have access to multiple servers, databases, websites, source control and over time the number of passwords under management does not stop growing.

Why use PassBag password manager?It is dangerous to work with a lot of passwords without the use of a password management tool. This implies dangerous behavior like using spreadsheets or text files as password storage unit, using similar passwords for multiple accounts, create passwords easy to remember and many other dangerous behavior.

The main benefits of PassBag? Secure password storage Work on Linux, Max OS X and Windows Provide easy access to passwords Auto. generate password regarding to password generation policy Can run from a USB key Passwords are stored on a file PassBag file can be synchronized Files can be backup/restored on and from a compressed and secured archive Easy to share passwords file Auto clear password on clipboard Auto lock PassBag on minimize or after x seconds Multilingual Technical information’sThis project work’s on Mac OS X, Linux and Windows, it can be build on both systems. For Windows, you can use Visual Studio 2008 and mono 2.0 on other systems. The used Unit Testing Framework is NUnit and it run well on both systems.

The PassBag application was writtent in C#, the C# language is an oriented object language that help to quickly build applications for the Microsoft .Net Framework.

C# help you to concentrate on your applications logic without use of complexe memory management and other complexe stuff present on languages like C++.

Novell has sponsored the development of Mono, Mono is an open source implemention of the .Net Framework is also include Mono/Linux/GNOME development stack.


c csharp linux mono osx passbag password protect security usb windows

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