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PeerTracker is an Open Sourced, Simple, Efficient and Fast BitTorrent Tracker

With the increasing number of public trackers shutting down, it only makes sense for the average user to setup one of their own.

To accomplish this, PeerTracker has been designed from the ground up to be easily deployed and operated from the typical shared hosting environment.

The focus of this project is entirely centered on maximizing speed, minimizing http server and database resource consumption while at the same time providing full scale tracking capabilities.

PeerTracker does not concern itself with the indexing or uploading of torrents, nor with share ratio monitoring or any other form of user management.


In a Nutshell, PeerTracker...



30 Day Summary

Nov 17 2012 — Dec 17 2012

12 Month Summary

Dec 17 2011 — Dec 17 2012



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