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Analyzed about 17 hours ago. based on code collected 2 days ago.
Dec 25, 2022 — Jan 24, 2023
Commit Message Contributor Files Modified Lines Added Lines Removed Code Location Date
Some cleanup More... 6 days ago
Move the common functions to a bash function More... 6 days ago
Changes after review More... 10 days ago
Make the AppImage More... 13 days ago
Rename files from PascalCase to snake_case More... 16 days ago
Renamed Performous to Composer since that somehow wasn't detected in last review. More... 20 days ago
Added github files in the same way we have on the main repository. More... 20 days ago
Renamed readme extension. Also added Windows build instructions in the same style as for Linux. More... 20 days ago
Build within Visual Studio, so we can build natively on Windows. More... 20 days ago
Included latest builds produced by CICD in readme More... 20 days ago
Cleanup More... 23 days ago
github Actions for Linux More... 23 days ago
Fix release url for dependent workflows More... 27 days ago
Squash code in TextRenderer More... 28 days ago
Avoid frequent initialization of TextRenderer More... 28 days ago
Seperate the workflows into different files to get a better overview. More... 29 days ago
Remove wrong file name from exception message More... 29 days ago
Change options for the test script More... 29 days ago
Clean up test scripts More... about 1 month ago