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Analyzed 3 days ago. based on code collected 3 days ago.
Jan 31, 2022 — Jan 31, 2023
Commit Message Contributor Files Modified Lines Added Lines Removed Code Location Date
update Config::Perl::V to 0.35 More... 15 days ago
update JSON::PP to 4.16 More... 15 days ago
Export S_ISLNK and S_ISSOCK from POSIX.pm More... 15 days ago
regexec.c - harden internals against missing logical_nparens
as Yves Orton
More... 15 days ago
bisect-runner docs: explain more about bisection More... 16 days ago
bisect-runner docs: modify example to use 'expect-fail' More... 16 days ago
op/fork.t: skip the ulimit fork test under LSAN
as Tony Cook
More... 17 days ago
Peter Levine is now a Perl author. More... 17 days ago
Configure: Add various C99 compatibility improvements More... 17 days ago
Add parameter types to declarations for clang-16 More... 17 days ago
Fix typo in older perldelta More... 17 days ago
Remove full stop in the 'try' feature heading More... 18 days ago
Porting/updateAUTHORS.pl: Suggested `git config` command is wrong More... 20 days ago
perldelta for 67244d99e1 and earlier commits More... 20 days ago
Override *.h files as C with Linguist More... 20 days ago
regexec.c - fix memory leak in EVAL.
as Yves Orton
More... 20 days ago
Correct sort docs about value of the sort func. More... 20 days ago
get_{av,hv} should ignore SVf_UTF8 when testing if flags == 0 More... 21 days ago
embed.pl - add a way to declare a parameter should be non-zero
as Yves Orton
More... 21 days ago
t/test.pl - assign caller() to separate vars in _where() More... 21 days ago
regexec.c - avoid calling regrepeat when the max is 0
as Yves Orton
More... 21 days ago
Add myself as author More... 21 days ago
Fix typos More... 21 days ago
regcomp_internal.h: Fix leak in regex tests More... 22 days ago
bisect-runner.pl: When did warnings clear up More... 22 days ago
Expose op_force_list() as a real API function; use it directly in op.c More... 22 days ago
Syntax highlight configpm More... 22 days ago
pp_multiconcat: don't set svpv_p to an invalid pointer
as Tony Cook
More... 23 days ago
Replace FreeBSD URL's with new HTTPS ones More... 23 days ago
Hint should advise using 'make regen' More... 24 days ago