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Project Summary

Perl bindings for Qt4. This project aims to have a production-ready module that is similar in syntax to the PerlQt 3 binding.

There is currently no official release, but you can check out the source from svn and compile them yourself. See the INSTALL file for instructions on how to do this.

Once the bindings are built, there are many examples in the example directory that are direct ports to Perl of the C++ examples that ship with the Qt library.

Based on the Smoke library, so the final version will support any method that Smoke supports. Create Perl packages that subclass, extend, and override their C++ parents Create signals and slots: connect Qt defined signals to Perl subroutines, and Perl defined signals to Qt slots Signals and slots defined in parent packag


api c++ cplusplus cross-platform cross-plattform development framework gui_framework interface kde library linux multi-platform object_oriented programming qt qt4 software_development toolkit ui widgets

In a Nutshell, Qt4 Bindings for Perl...

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