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A simple, yet powerful and flexible PHP5 template engine.

Was inspired by Tumblr's custom templating engine, so the syntax is pretty close to that. There are a few parser you may use: either the ones 100% compatible with Tumblr's syntax, or the ones implementing a more compact and flexible templating language.

No need to setup caching, no need for 3rd party libraries, no pre-compiling routines. Just load a file, create a parser class, give it a string to parse + an array of configurations and hook classes. And let it roll!

It's code injection safe. It's as flexible as it could be. You may change anything - from parser syntax rules to inner logics in your own descendant classes and integrate them with the core.

The source includes an example and PhpDoc-style documentation + comments.


customizable engine hook html json oop parser php php5 phpdoc simple template templateengine template_engine template-engine templates theme themes tumblr

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Apr 9 2016 — May 9 2016

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