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PHP CSV Utilities has a new home!For future updates, please refer to my new blog:

Several of the recent projects I’ve been working on have required an “import from csv file” feature. PHP comes with a few functions for reading and writing csv files right out of the box: fgetcsv and fputcsv. While these are good functions and they get the job done I find they just aren’t enough in many cases. It would be nice if PHP had an interface like python’s csv module. Enter PHP Csv Utilities.

It has been months since there was any kind of update on this poor little library. I released the last version (0.2) prematurely, which resulted in a poor release, confusing file structure, and a lot of bugs. I'd like to let anybody interested in the library know that I am working on version 0.3 right now as well as a much improved (and more transparent) build / release process. If there are any bugs or issues you have with the library please leave a comment or shoot me an email and I'll do my best to make sure it's addressed.

Please, if you have any feature requests, suggestions, questions, anything... drop me an email.

luke d0t visinoni {at} gmail (d0t) com

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