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Posted about 4 years ago by imkingdavid
My phpBB Summer of Code project involves the implementation of a Post Edit History, that is Post Revisions, system. This is a completely optional feature that keeps track of changes made to posts (each edit is called a “revision”). I have tried to write up a brief but informative post detailing what all is being [...]
Posted about 4 years ago by Hardolaf
During Google Summer of Code, I have been working on refactoring the authentication system (login and registration) to allow for login via OpenID providers and Facebook Connect [code]. The system’s old authentication plugins (db, ldap, apache) have ... [More] all been ported to the new authentication provider system and can be enabled/disabled via the administration control panel. Currently, OpenID [...] [Less]
Posted about 4 years ago by dhruv.goel92
During Google Summer of Code, I have been working on Search Backend Refactoring. The project involves minimizing code duplications by improving class abstraction in search backends and integrating PostgreSQL fulltext search [Code] and Sphinx ... [More] search [Code] into phpBB core. Up till now, the progress has been good with PostgreSQL fulltext search backend already integrated into phpBB 3.1 [...] [Less]
Posted about 4 years ago by Fyorl
During the Google Summer of Code I’ve been working on improving the current attachment system to have a bit more of a modern feel to it. I’m integrating Plupload which has a variety of features such as drag-and-drop, multiple file uploads and an upload queue. The work has been pretty straightforward and I’ve been getting [...]
Posted over 4 years ago by Unknown Bliss
Following the success of last year’s meetup in Manchester, we decided to build up the tradition by holding another UK-based event, this time in London. Meetups are a great way of putting faces to (user)names and getting to know the people behind the code. Quite a few phpBB team members and several community members were [...]
Posted over 4 years ago by Unknown Bliss
Following the success of last year's Manchester Meetup, another phpBB Community Meetup has been organised in the UK.phpBB Meetups are a great way to see who is really behind the phpBB Project, put faces to usernames, and meet new ... [More] people.Where?LondonWho?Anyone who has a passion for phpBBWhat?We will meet up and head to lunch at Nandos. The afternoon activity is still being planned. In the evening, we will retreat to Bodeans.When?Saturday 9th June (The Queen's Birthday on the year of her jubilee).11AMIf you wish to attend, please register in the next few days to ensure adequate space. You can register for free at details will be confirmed within the next few days. You can view the latest information or ask any questions you might have in the following topic: viewtopic.php?f=64&t=2153759.I hope to see you there. [Less]
Posted over 4 years ago by imkingdavid
Automated Testing is a vital part of the development cycle, as it decreases the amount of time developers must spend making sure certain functionality works, and prevents new patches from breaking areas of functionality that are covered by the test suite. As you may have guessed, Automated Tests are simply sets of functionality tests that [...]
Posted over 4 years ago by Marshalrusty
As we excitedly announced last month, phpBB is participating in Google Summer of Code 2012.phpBB received a large number of fantastic proposals and we have had a blast getting to know some of the applicants over the past few weeks. Our mentors ... [More] dedicated their utmost attention to carefully ranking the entries and filling the provided slots with proposals that we feel will have the greatest benefit for the phpBB community. We sincerely wish that we could accommodate every worthwhile proposal, however resources are limited and we are focusing on facilitating the best possible experience for our winners.Without further adieu, it is my pleasure to announce our 2012 GSoC winners (In no particular order):Search Backend Refactoring by Dhruv Goel, IndiaDhruv will focus on enabling proper abstraction in the search system and allowing for individual backends to modify the user interface. He will also integrate Sphinx and PostgreSQL Fulltext search into the phpBB codebase.Attachment Improvements by Kim Mantas, Hong Kong & UK Kim will improve both the interface and functionality of the attachment system by implementing multiple file uploads, an improved user interface and a tool for downloading several attachments at once.Auth Plugin Refactoring & User Integration by Joseph Warner, United StatesJoseph will enable phpBB to simply integrate with third party authentication services. The generic interface will allow administrators to configure which services to accept or add additional services at a later time.In addition to the slots provided by Google, phpBB will be extending the program by two additional slots. phpBB Summer of Code 2012 will follow much of the same guidelines set forth by GSoC. This year, both slots have been awarded to students on our own development team:Closing RFCs Like a Boss by Joas Schilling, GermanyJoas will focus on completing some existing RFCs, including events, proper grouping for the teams page, improved ACP layout, soft delete, a log class, native php timezone handling, and others.Post Revisions/Edit Log by David King, United StatesDavid will implement a post revision system, enabling moderators to view detailed differences between edits made to a post with the ability to revert. This feature will have an option to be disabled, and can be further configured via the ACP to enable revision pruning.If your proposal was not chosen, please accept our sincerest gratitude for your participation. Please do not feel discouraged to participate in the phpBB community regardless of GSoC as there are many opportunities to apply your skills.Thank you,The phpBB TeamYou may discuss this announcement in the discussion topic [Less]
Posted over 4 years ago by Marshalrusty
The phpBB team is extremely excited to announce the availability of Forumatic, a managed hosting platform powered by the phpBB software you know and love.Forumatic was born out of a desire to establish a comprehensive plan for phpBB to remain the ... [More] competitive project it has been for nearly 12 years. Unlike conventional hosting, Forumatic is tailored specifically toward forum owners — both professionals and amateurs — who are looking to quickly launch an online community without the cost of hiring a professional staff.Absolutely no experience is required — just choose a name and fill in a form. Forumatic will handle all the maintenance, both hardware and software, leaving you free to focus on building your community. There are no contracts, and administrators can export their data at any time.Forumatic users also effectively contribute to the phpBB community. The model employed by Forumatic is the result of careful study of the constructive relationships employed by Automattic/Wordpress, Acquia/Drupal, Canonical/Ubuntu and a host of other open source organisations. Revenue generated by Forumatic will be put toward the phpBB community in the form of full time developers, events and other productive endeavors, backing up the team and improving development time.We welcome you to check it out at http://www.forumatic.comThanks You may discuss this topic in the discussion topic. [Less]
Posted over 4 years ago by Marshalrusty
We are excited to announce that phpBB has been accepted as a mentoring organisation in Google Summer of Code (GSoC) 2012.Google's Summer of Code program encourages students to get involved in free and open source software (F/OSS) by pairing them up ... [More] with experienced mentors in popular F/OSS projects. In addition to making valuable contributions to their host organisation, students gain experience working in a group environment and are further rewarded with a monetary stipend.Prospective students can start by browsing our Ideas Page to see the kinds of tasks we would consider beneficial. We do, of course, welcome proposals for your own unique ideas and you may submit multiple proposals if you like. For instructions on how to apply to work with us, please see the Instructions Page.phpBB uses Github for source control and students are encouraged to become familiar with the system as early on as possible. Our development wiki contains a beginner's guide (Working_with_Git) and extensive documentation can be found on Additional information regarding phpBB development can be found on Area51.Student application submission officially opens on March 26. In the meantime, students should contact us via IRC in #phpbb-dev on irc.freenode.netWe are looking forward to this experience and hope to make this the most productive summer in phpBB's history. phpBB GSoC application page: ... 2012/phpbbGSoC Timeline: ... e/gsoc2012You may discuss this announcement in the discussion topic. [Less]