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DescriptionA PHP framework for rapidly creating classes that mirror MySQL tables. The Simpl framework comes with the basic functions to list, display and edit records from the database. With this framework a simple manager and front of a site can be created within a few minutes. An example database, manager and front end are included with the framework.

FeaturesNo Installation/PEAR/Root Access required Database table abstraction Automatically configured database functions (ie. GetInfo, GetList, Save, Delete, Search and Form) Advanced automatic form creation to mirror database/class expectations, XHTML compliant and ADA accessible. Table structure caching, Query level caching, and saving of inserts or updates to the filesystem if the database is unavailable. Ability to query cross databases on the same server Form validation Upload, Move, Copy, Delete and List Files Resize and Rotate Images Email with class abstraction with support for attachments RSS0.91, RSS1.0, RSS2.0, ATOM Feeds CVS, JSON, XML and SQL Exports JSON encoding and decoding support GoalsEasy Install. No need to be an administrator. Minimal Server Load. Created for a high traffic shared server environment. Straightforward API. No need to dig through documentation, functions are naturally named. Stop Wasting Time. Time is precious, no need to reinvent the wheel. OtherStuffCheckout the PoweredBySimpl wiki page to view and add your site using the PHPSimpl framework. The VersionHistory has been updated to reflect the past implementations of PHPSimpl The Roadmap shows where we are going with the project on our way to Release 1.0


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