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This software introduces a new concept of object oriented programing. The original concepts involves C++ programing language. In runtime we know nothing about a object. At windows platform, we can use COM to get an object runtime information, but we can't inherit from a binary COM interface indeed(Using aggregation or delegation).when we use java or c# ,we known object runtime information ---reflection. but we know nothing about model information ---introspection. we use config files(xml or property files etc.) or hard code to express this information. so we need a lot of programmers to work for the software project.

We need a platform includes persistence ,role based access control ,workflow and other factors. More important, we need a machine can understand the model ( UML Model), who knows MML(Meta Model Language) and generate codes.

This software will be released on 1/1/2009, include model tools, drivers and a platform.

Pinkie is a auto machine. It helps farmers to gather their crops.

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