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About PolyAnimPolyAnim is a Java library (and perhaps an editor in future) for animations consisting of groups of 2d polygons. It is mainly intended for animated game sprites, not for movies really. And no, it's not meant to be a Flash killer.. ;)

I originally began this project in C++ with just a plain OpenGL renderer. However, as I've been recently spoiled by Java, garbage collection etc., I kinda grew tired of dealing with the C++ stuff (read more about it in this blog post). So I ported the code I had to Java and LWJGL and here I am. =)

Project status and newsCheck the latest status / news updates from here.

See also:PolyAnim feature listing PolyAnim demos (Java Web Start) Current source code documentation (Doxygen + Javadoc) Building PolyAnim using Apache Ant Checking out PolyAnim using Eclipse + Subclipse Using Inkscape to create animations How the animations are constructed internally Screenshot from the test program (LWJGL renderer)

Check out the video on YouTube!


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