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The Power*Architect, sponsored by SQL Power Group Inc, is a cross-platform, open-source data modeling tool with a GUI and an embeddable API.

For more information, see the Power*Architect web page at http://www.sqlpower.ca/page/architect

Power*Architect 0.9.13 Released!Power*Architect 0.9.13 has been released! A lot of changes have been made since 0.9.12, so be sure to check out the Release Notes for all the details!

Power*Architect 0.9.12 and older releases are still available for download.

Bug databaseWe are not currently using the bug database provided by Google Code, because we have a long history already built up in our own Bugzilla instance.

Access the Architect's Bugzilla database here: http://trillian.sqlpower.ca/bugzilla

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