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PrettyTime.NET is an OpenSource .NET time comparison library for creating human readable time. This is a modified version of PrettyTime, created by Lincoln Baxter, III from OcpSoft. PrettyTime can be found at http://code.google.com/p/prettytime/.

Completely customizable, PrettyTime.NET creates human readable, relative timestamps like those seen on Digg, Twitter, Gmail, Facebook and FeedWatchdog. It's simple, get started "right now!"

Simple Exampleprivate string PrettyItUp(DateTime Date)
using (PrettyTime.PrettyTime p = new PrettyTime.PrettyTime())
return p.format(Date);
}minutes from now test///
/// A test for minutes from now
public void MinutesFromNow()
using (PrettyTime p = new PrettyTime())
Assert.AreEqual(“12 minutes from now”, p.format(DateTime.Now.AddMinutes(12)));
}days ago test///
/// A test for days ago
public void DaysAgo()
using (PrettyTime p = new PrettyTime())
Assert.AreEqual(“3 days ago”, p.format(DateTime.Now.AddDays(-3)));


datetime c elapsed net timestamp pretty time

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