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Project Summary

Probity is a proxy filter designed for mainly non-profits and schools, but can be used by anyone. This project is in secondary planning and initial voting. Active leading by project admin is now taking place to move the project foward quickly. Probity is now taking feature requests to shape together a ruleset and banlist philosopy, while also creating those files and doing inital testing. Soon will do polls and votes on what to discuss and build next. -- please use the tech support to request features in this planning stage.

Current planned protocols support web-browsing, chat, and file transfering methods.
Programming languages: c/c++, perl, php, (possibly assembly).
Software platforms / librarys under consideration: ReactOS, FreeBSD, GNU Hurd, FileType, HalfLife Firewall, iptables, OpenAntiVirus Project, Gentoo Linux Distro, Webmin.

Testbed Platforms Under Development: Privoxy, SquidGuard, MBrola, Apache.
Planned Distro Methods: Source, Compiled, SRPM, RPM, Modified Linux Distro.

Test Forum 2: http://probity.upperboard.com
IRC Channel: irc://irc.freenode.net/probity


javascript web

In a Nutshell, Probity...

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Feb 7 2018 — Mar 9 2018

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Mar 9 2017 — Mar 9 2018


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