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OverviewThis package provides a code generator and runtime libraries to use Protocol Buffers from pure C (not C++).

It uses a modified version of protoc called protoc-c.

NewsMar 17, 2010protobuf-c 0.13 is released

Fix for when the number of connections gets too great in RPC. (Leszek Swirski) ( issue #32 ) Add --disable-protoc to only build libprotobuf-c (daveb) Bug fixes for protobuf_c_enum_descriptor_get_value_by_name() and protobuf_c_service_descriptor_get_method_by_name() use generated initialization function from protobuf_c_message_unpack(), a small optimization (daveb) implement protobuf_c_{client,server}_set_error_handler()

Jan 24, 2010 protobuf-c 0.12 is released

fixes some compilation bugs and big-endian platform issues (thanks, everyone!) adds protobuf_c_message_init() (thanks to Andrei Nigmatulin for this work)

Jun 11, 2009protobuf-c 0.11 is released.

mostly compilation fixes for new versions of g++ and protobuf, and a few other compilation issues (e.g. const correctness) (Many thanks to dcreager, XXX name others) handle a few integer overflow situations a little better (unlikely to occur -- requires unpacking a huge message) no binary or source incompatibilities -- don't bother upgrading unless you are experiencing build problems

Apr 4, 2009protobuf-c 0.10 is released (don't ask about 0.9...)

several bug fixes for corruption and build issues numerous fixes to the RPC system generated source-incompatibility for service/rpc users: you must re-run protoc-c (those using 0.9 or 10beta already have the new code-generator). credits: (thanks!) Jason Lunz for his allocation failure fixes (including excellent test code) Landon Fuller for his corruption test-cases and fixes.

Jan 29, 2009protobuf-c 0.8 is released

bugs fixed in service invocation; handle NULL in certain required fields (issues 12 and 13) An RPC_System is included, with tests and examples. It's in beta, so be a little careful.

Dec 17, 2008protobuf-c 0.7 is released. This is a bug fix release, it does not break any compatibility.

Bugs fixed:

fixes minor compilation issues (see issues 10 and 11 in the tracker) fixes a long-standing memory leak where unknown fields are not freed by free_unpacked()

Nov 30, 2008protobuf-c 0.6 is released. It breaks binary and generated-source compatibility: you must re-run protoc-c to generate new .pb-c.h and .pb-c.c files.

The new features of 0.6 are:

default values now set correctly For each message type, we generate a message__init(Message *) function. This function never allocates memory, and is equivalent to using the MESSAGE__INIT macro.

DocumentationSee our wiki for documentation.

StatusThe message serialization and deserialization code has been thoroughly tested. Still designing the Service stuff, so be careful about using it. Need to decide what to do about extensions CaveatsSome binary compatibility changes are expected until version 1.0 is released; so make sure you are linking to the protobuf-c that corresponds to the generated code you are using!

Extensions are not implemented. Need to decide what to implement (any ideas?). (As of Jun 20, 2009, there are no complaints about this)

Groups are not implemented, and possibly I never will bother, since they are deprecated.

Repeated fields do not obey the "packed" option. (I INTEND TO FIX THIS, BUT PATCHES TO THIS EFFECT WOULD BE APPRECIATED VERY MUCH)

AuthorDave Benson


c protobuf


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