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PROJECTS Airframe LV3/CF airframe (ME Capstone) -- 5 walls of composite oven are done, working on doors. Have everything they need, oven up and running by next week. Off to Pacific Coast Composites Friday to pick up donated CF! Avionics ... [More] General -- Got the FC, roll control, and IMU boards up and running for the first time since the last flight. Congrats! Battery Board -- DONE! and off to OSH Park, should get the week of 1/22 Digital Video (+ Elemental) -- Frank built container for Raspberry Pi/camera, video is streaming (?) OSGPS -- Jenner is basically done with layout, working on cleaning up design review issues. Node6 -- Nothing new 360 video (on hold) LTComm (1.0 done, 1.1 on hold) Software STM32 firmware (Rocketnet-hub, ADIS, RC) -- Big refactorization and git tree cleaning (removed old build products and tools). FCF + AV4-FC + FCFTF -- Amazing webpage that controls the rocketnet hub. Telemetry -- Nothing new Simulation framework (CS Capstone) -- Working on open rocket Independent Projects RCS -- Still looking for solenoid, needs help with python UI for 50 lb test stand. Rocket Tracks (ECE capstone) -- Working on requirements, should have that done in two weeks. Liquid Motor -- Nothing new. 6 DOF (on hold) CubeSats Grand Menu -- Nothing new Long distance WiFi (DxWiFi) -- Fantastic attenuation test done Friday with John, Dean, Glenn and Andrew. Discovered the noise floor of the new ZNC WiFi adapter is 91 dB, which is what they advertise. Logistics L3 TRA certification for May 2014 -- Need to find a new TAP member to help Dave and Andrew. Fundraising -- Working on it! Get names to Andrew and Nathan. ITAR -- Nothing new [Less]
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Quick updates Independent Projects RCS - instrumentation amp PCB almost done. 6 DOF (on hold) Rocket Tracks (ECE capstone) - No update. Airframe LV3/CF airframe (ME Capstone) - Went to OSU yesterday, geeked out on composites. Already ran some ... [More] tensile tests, lasercut out of fiberglass layups. Needs an oven, soon. Software FCF + AV4-FC + FCFTF - Working on everything all the time. Telemetry - No update. Simulation framework (CS Capstone) - No update. Avionics Rocketnet hub - RNH PCB 1 is completely done. RNH PCB 2 should be completely done this Friday. Battery Board - No update. STM32 infrastructure - No update. 360 video (on hold) Digital Video (+ Elemental) - No update. LTComm (1.0 done, 1.1 on hold) 2.4 GHz WiFi upgrade - New embedded WiFi cards have arrived, power amps are on their way! TrackMaster 2.4 GHz + USB hub + PoE - No update. OSGPS - No update. Node 6 - No update. CubeSats Grand Menu - No update. Long distance WiFi - TCPDump + Click modular router = real software! Attenuator kits are in, so we can run some preliminary tests. Logistics L3 TRA certification for May 2014 - No update. ITAR - No update. Fundraising - We are officially starting to fundraise for the group. If you know of an individual or group that might be willing to donate, please let Andrew or Nathan know! Meeting notes ME capstone students had a long discussion with Eric and Nathan. They need money to order things ASAP. They need a big oven ASAP. K suggested an electric kiln, which is a good idea. We could also build our own, or convince the ME department to get one. They visited the OSU composites lab, which is a great lab. Saw a 9" diameter tube that was rocket like, and we all drooled over the pics. Kyle finished the RCS system's instrumentation amplifier board, with Andrew and Nathan's help. PCB is ready to order, and a Digikey order has been put together. Sent off Digikey order for connectors for the new DxWiFi USB wifi adapters - we're building little Faraday cages for them for noise sensitivity measurements. Dean, John and Andrew did the first of the DxWiFi noise floor tests! Went to the second level parking garage for low noise floor. Still could get an occasional infrastructure beacon, but it was really quiet, like >= 90 dBm quiet. Good idea on Dean's part! Bare packet transmission is hard. Lots of configuration issues, which we struggled with all night. Considering using Minnow boards as a more standard test platform. Eventually switched to ad-hoc mode and associated the cards. Then we got packets flowing. The Alfa cards worked pretty reliably at 60 dBm signal, and started crapping out around 70 dBm. This is pretty expected, although the measurement was REALLY crude. We clearly need a better RF chamber setup than a parking garage :) [Less]
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Updates Independent Projects RCS - numerical model done, ready to order parts. 6 DOF (on hold) Rocket Tracks (ECE capstone) - First meeting of the Capstone group today. Requirements due in two weeks. Airframe LV3/CF airframe (ME Capstone) - ... [More] no update. Software FCF + AV4-FC + FCFTF - Replaced event loop with library (libev). Telemetry - no updates. Simulation framework (CS Capstone) - still working on formal requirements doc, will be presented next week. Avionics Rocketnet hub - no update. Battery Board - Almost done, pending final review, polish and build. STM32 infrastructure - no update. 360 video (on hold) Digital Video (+ Elemental) - Transmitted video from RasPi camera over Ethernet to mplayer on another computer. LTComm (1.0 done, 1.1 on hold) 2.4 GHz WiFi upgrade - Found good amplifier for both rocket and trackmaster. TrackMaster 2.4 GHz + USB hub + PoE - no update. OSGPS - Finished RF overview, schematic reviewed and polished. Still needs to be matched with node6. Node6 - good progress, looking at new power supply chips. CubeSats Grand Menu Long distance WiFi - worked on link budget with Glenn, found amps, thinking about long distance attempt. Logistics L3 TRA certification for May 2014 - got the final parts, ordering shared parts now. ITAR - Google form done for gathering public domain references. Discussion with Jesse Rosenzweig of Elemental Technologies Jesse is the CTO and co-founder of Elemental Technologies, a fast-growing local video processing and streaming company. He was brave enough to sit through our intro meeting (thanks!) and then stick around to discuss video, compression, and streaming technologies. We drew our notes on the whiteboard, hopefully they're enough detail to reconstruct everything: On the Rocket Side of Things On the Ground In summary: Onboard Digital video camera directly plugged into a video processor which compresses to H.264 (possible now), or when a board exists, H.265 (HEVC). Compressed video stream is forward error corrected (FECed) and sent over a MPEG2 Transport Stream using RTP. This goes through Ethernet, the Rocketnet Hub, the FC, and eventually gets gets down to the ground via WiFi. Some off-the-cuff numbers: 480p (604x480) @ 800 kbps, which would work over our worst case 1 Mbps WiFi link). On the ground A laptop running code that takes a variety of transport streams - from the rocket (which is un-FECed), and from various ground cameras like on the launch tower and on Rocket Tracks. These transport streams are combined, or just sent raw over LTE to Elemental's ECloud servers where it's re-formatted into a bzillion different formats for different devices. Possibly we use a bundled LTE device to get a higher data rate. [Less]
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PROJECTS Independent Projects RCS - Kyle is working on schematic, Joe still waiting to hear from Erin, no other updates. Rocket Tracks (ECE capstone) - 3/4 of capstone group showed up today, planned meeting next Tuesday afternoon. 6 DOF (on hold) ... [More] Airframe LV3/CF airframe (ME Capstone) - No update. Software FCF + AV4-FC + FCFTF - Some refactoring of FC code Telemetry - No update. Simulation framework (CS Capstone) - Narrowing down on what they're doing (mostly fixing OpenRocket API). Whole team has the FC stack building(!) Avionics Rocketnet hub - More movement on getting RNC installed, Friday hackday to finish it all up. Battery Board - Battery board reviewed and done, just needs multi-layer cleanup. Go Michael! STM32 infrastructure - More refactoring! ADIS (IMU) node is mostly done. Events demo cleaned up. 360 video (on hold) Digital Video - Meeting with Jesse of Elemental next week! LTComm (1.0 done, 1.1 on hold) 2.4 GHz WiFi upgrade - Found new Amplifiers, they're RF Linx 2400 CAEs. TrackMaster 2.4 GHz + USB hub + PoE - Nothing new. OSGPS - Nothing new. CubeSats Grand Menu - Nothing new. Long distance WiFi - LORCON library isn't robust enough to use, we'll write something ourselves or if Jamey has his way, "patch the kernel". Logistics L3 TRA certification for May 2014 - We have rocket bits! Dave and Andrew are begining construction ITAR - Starting to write advisory opinion letter. There are times (12/10, January, February) that we won't have 86-01, we'll meet in 84 Lab unless we find another room. [Less]
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We're sorry about how terrible we are about writing updates. We've been meeting every Tuesday, but we haven't written up notes since March :( At least you can go to our github page and see how busy we've been. Here's some quick notes from tonight's ... [More] meeting. Avionics Rocketnet hub: Theo wrote enough code to prove the RNH works. We even brought up the FC using the RNH and did some tests. Tonight Andrew and Nathan replaced the LDO with an SPS on the RNH. Digital Video: Frank has it working, video over Ethernet test expected latest this week. Jess from Elemental is coming to speak with us next week. LTC code rewrite (1.0, 1.1): John says it's done and stable for now. Telemetry viewer: Nathan is replumbing some back end stuff, but it's beautifully working - including real time demo of stopping streaming. Long range WiFi project: Got Dean and John up and running on Richard's projects, assigned homework. Need to talk with Jamey about magic WiFi settings. TrackMaster 3000: USB hub ordered for addition of 2.4 GHz system. STM32: Theo, K, Dan, and Dave have rev'd the build infrastructure for our node6 STM32F407 nodes, including new ARM embedded tools and better BSPs for ChibiOS. Airframe Eric met with students interested in a composite airframe ME capstone! Systems RCS: Materials on order, initial calculations show we'll need really high pressure. RC: Roll control servo is jammed. This is not good news, we'll need to fix this ASAP. [Less]
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Project update Rocket Tracks Tacking Talked with the SightLine folks Still willing to donate a system for rocket tracks! Think they can nail the tracking. Old ATV video not real helpful (too much airframe and RC fins in the way) Horizon cam ... [More] probably better for horizon tracking (i.e., pitch, yaw) Can use wide angle + zoomed cameras and hand off between them Thermal IR sounds like a good idea too.. maybe they have one? :) Bob's RF tracking 4 helical antennas to do monopulse tracking on 2.4 GHz ATV signal Make our own combiner on the EPL PCB router Test on Dan's helicopter with ATV Demod outputs digitized by local microcontroller, then what? Local PID, or off to a PC? Worried about backlash on the chain Capstone updates Fall/winter CS capstone Working on FC software infrastructure May need hardware to test their system soon Winter/Spring ECE capstone Working on power distribution + data distribution + battery charger board Waiting on avionics team technology decisions AV3 Technology Change We're deciding to slowly move to the STM32F4xx family of microcontrollers. Possibly we should have done this quite a while ago :) We ordered some STM32F407 dev boards with Ethernet from Olimex which should arrive later this week. Hope to have an end-to-end Ethernet technology test with latency numbers by January 8th. 2013 Schedule Next meeting is January 8th, 2013. That includes a 6pm intro meeting. We have enough funding to do at least two launches in 2013: Late spring/early summer launch in Bend Goal: planned first flight of AV3 + roll control Late fall launch in the Black Rock Desert of Nevada Goal: Probably improved AV3 + roll control, possibly first 6DOF? [Less]
Posted almost 5 years ago
Calendar Weekend Dates Notes July 28-29 Oregon Rocketry "Desert Heat" launch August 4-5 Full Moon ... [More] August 11-12 August 18-19 New Moon August 25-26 September 1-2 Oregon Rocketry "September Sage Xtreme" launch + Full Moon September 9-8 September 15-16 PRIMARY2: XPRS (Black Rock) New Moon September 22-23 PRIMARY1: BALLS21 (Black Rock) September 29-30 End of first week of Fall 2012 term October 6-7 October 13-14 New Moon October 20-21 BACKUP: Oregon Rocketry "Rocketober" launch Dates to Keep Open July 28-29: The first date would be the ORock July launch "Desert Heat". This is probably too soon to be comfortably done with the rocket. September 22-23: The second date would be either BALLS21 or XPRS in Black Rock Nevada, ideally BALLS for the cool rockets and comradery. October 20-21: Backup date - hopefully we'll launch before this date, since this is right after midterms and it's cold out there in October. [Less]
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Tuesday April 24th at 7:00pm, Martel Martinez, from the Aeromechanical Design Group at NASA Dryden Flight Research Center will talk about Dryden, what projects they're working, and what's new in aerospace engineering. More info on title and talk soon!
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PSAS got some fantastic press this month in Portland Monthly Magazine's December 2011 edition. The article, called "The Mile High Club" (ha!), did an excellent job capturing the spirit of our group. Much thanks goes to Zach Dundas, PDX Monthly, and to Nathan, Chris, and Rob, who hosted Zach and David at the July 2011 launch attempt.
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Potential Fall Launch Planning We have the possibility to turn around and re-launch with a new motor after the failed launch in July. Important Dates Event Date ... [More] Beginning of term September 26 First Weekend before School September 24-25 First Weekend during School October 1-2 *Target Launch Date Roctober (ORock) October 14-16 *Backup Launch Date Dave can't make it 25th and Jamey can't make 16th. Therefore: Our target launch date is set for October 2nd. [Less]