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Project Summary

pygsear makes getting started with pygame simpler.
All of the code in this distribution is (C) Lee Harr.
pygsear is made available under version 2 of the
GNU General Public License. The included LICENSE
file describes this in detail.
You can use this code without installing anything,
but it will be easier to use once it is installed.
To test before installing, try:
To use scripts in the examples/ directory without
installing, add the base directory to your PYTHONPATH.
==Installation: ==
If you are satisfied, and want to install the package
files, do this command as root:
python setup.py install
Make sure you use the version of python which you use
to run pygame programs.
Go in to the installers/ directory and double click
on the file pygsear-*.win32.exe
Linux 2.6.18
Python 2.4.3
Pygame 1.7.1



In a Nutshell, pygsear...

GNU General Public License v2.0 or later

Commercial Use



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Distribute Original

Disclose Source

Include Copyright

State Changes

Include License

These details are provided for information only. No information here is legal advice and should not be used as such.

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Dec 27 2022 — Jan 26 2023

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