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IntroductionPyrats scans and analyzes your PHP source code for potential vulnerabilities.

It's a command line program, that should help get PHP developers a quick survey of common commands that capitalize potential security vulnerabilities.

All files of a specified directory will be recursively scanned and evaluated. The search process can be refined through different options.

UsagePyrats is a tool written in Python, helping you to find malicious function calls in PHP projects as soon as possible.

Pyrats can easily be launched without arguments in the Konsole/Terminal using „python pyrats“. If you don't specify a folder/directory, pyrats will browse the directory where it was launched.

$ python pyrats.py It's also possible to add any directory to your search operation e.g „/var/www/test“, then this directory will be parsed as well.

$ python pyrats.py /var/www/test/Pyrats parses recursively beginning from the specified directory. Only ASCII files will be parsed, no binary files though. You can get a summary of all arguments with:

$ python pyrats.py --helpArguments:

displays only relevant findings, no statistic output. (Standard, if XML or CSV will be selected as Output)

$ python pyrats.py --no-statisticDefine your output format either in XML or CSV.

$ python pyrats.py --output=xml$ python pyrats.py --output=csvParses only for specified function calls: mail, include, header, system, mysql. If this option isn't included, then pyrats will parse for all patterns.

$ python pyrats.py --search=mail$ python pyrats.py --search=include$ python pyrats.py --search=header$ python pyrats.py --search=system$ python pyrats.py --search=mysql Search files only with (the) .php extension

$ python pyrats.py --phpShow current pyrats version:

$ python pyrats.py --version Show all arguments:

$ python pyrats.py --helpPyrats was developed by Bernd Essl on Linux/Debian and should run on any platform that supports Python.

Ideas, Critic and Suggestions are always welcome.

DownloadThe sourcefile you can download here: http://pyrats.googlecode.com/files/pyrats.py

you can test the newest release from the subversion repository:

$ svn checkout http://pyrats.googlecode.com/svn/trunk/ pyrats


analyse code php python scan security

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Apr 10 2016 — May 10 2016

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May 10 2015 — May 10 2016


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