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Python Simple Model View Template (PySMVT) Web FrameworkA web framework for Python based on the Werkzeug WSGI toolkit.

DefinitionsSimple (S): the difficulty level involved in using this framework (I hope :)

Model (M): similar to the "M" in MVC. Handles interaction with the database and other data stores.

View (V): Are objects that render a "view" which is ultimately just a string. A View might be an email, web page, or part of a web page. It is responsible for:

validating user input (URL, GET, and POST parameters) authenticating users ensuring the user has authorization to access the requested view handling "per request" business logic. This is distinguished from "data" related business logic which should be enforced by the action. This distinguishment is not always clear, but can often be helpful. returning a response

Template (T): similar to the "V" in MVC

Action: are objects that interact with the model to accomplish a task. Typical activities of an action might be:

verifying a user has permission to view/affect data involved in the action. Example: a user may have permission to update a record, but only certain fields. In this case, the View would handle making sure the user could access the view, but it would be the action's responsibility to make sure that the user was editing a field they have access to. interacting with the Model to add/edit/delete/get data i.e. get users, add user, edit user, delete user, etc.

Application: think "C" in MVC. Responsible for setting up the environment and calling the correct View based on URL arguments.


python webframework

In a Nutshell, pysmvt...

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