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PyTestsGenerator is an automated Test Case Generator for creating python unittests. It is a tool that is used to create pyunit test cases for any given python module. It requires only the name of the module to generate its testcases, except in the case of customization.The use of the GUI is optional as the test cases could be generated with the CLI itself.

The Project aims at making the life of the python developers and unit testers easy.The generation of the test cases have been simplified to its very basic extent. the performance of the tool is high as it could generate thousands of cases in seconds.

Functional UpdatesThe functional update is that the mode of generation is extended to user levels of customizations and operating from file levels to generate cases is also made possible

The generators next focus would be on the web category which will handle the web based testcases and api's for handling the web frameworks and testing their components.

Planned UpdatesThe next version of the test generator will have a feature of comparing the generated values with the csv or a text based file. The customization past of the application will be extended further to provide more functionality.


automator kaarthikeyapreyan python pyunit testcases testing wxpython

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