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A collection of Python scripts to read, store and process data from popular USB wireless weather stations such as Elecsa AstroTouch 6975, Watson W-8681, WH-1080PC, WH1080, WH1081 etc. I assume any model that is supplied with the EasyWeather Windows software is compatible, but cannot guarantee this.

The software has been developed to run in a low power, low memory environment such as a router. It can be used to create graphs and web pages showing recent weather readings, typically updated every hour.

Unlike some other weather station software, no "live" weather displays are produced. The software relies entirely on the weather station's memory. This has the advantage that computer downtime (of less than two weeks or so) does not result in missing data.

If you'd like to download a zip or tar.gz of the latest release, try the "Featured Downloads" links. If you'd like to try the most up to date pre-release version, try the "Source" tab. If you'd like to read more about the software, and contribute your ideas or experience, try the Wiki or the mailing list / discussion group. To keep up to date with developments or releases, please subscribe to the mailing list or one of the project feeds.

Before trying the software, you might like to read the wiki page on compatibility. If your target system is not listed, it may only be because no one has tried it yet, so do let me know how you get on.

CreditsI would not have been able to get any information from the weather station without access to the source of Michael Pendec's "wwsr" program. I am also indebted to Dave Wells for decoding the weather station's "fixed block" data.


linux python weatherstation

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