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A fully object-oriented, modular iCalenda/vCalendar library written in PHP5 that allows for creating, importing, exporting, editing, and just about anything else you can do to an icalendar/vcalendar file.

The library is extensible, so you can filter a calendar file by date, name, component type, and whatever else you like. You can even create custom filters, custom exporters, and custom importers. More to come.

This library is an implementation of rfc 2445 (Internet Calendaring and Scheduling Core Object Specification (RFC))

NOTE: This library is in development and is by no means complete

In a Nutshell, qCal iCalendar library for PHP5...

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Apr 9 2016 — May 9 2016

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May 9 2015 — May 9 2016


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