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News 02/08/2010: Nightly build added to the download section. This is a preview out of the ongoing beta development.

News 01/25/2010: I am working on the first Beta. I hope to get the Beta 1 out soon!

Update 01/10/2010: Qmmander v0.1.0 Alpha 5 released! Compression works for .zip archives. Adding files to an existing archive does not work by now.

News 12/24/2009: Merry christmas to all Qmmander testers out there!!! Decompression works now most of the time. The dialogs in the decompression process may look familiar to you (7zip, Free Commander, Total Commander)...I guess I made that mishmash in Qmmander because I want to have the things I like in my favorite tools also in Qmmander ;)

Qmmander is an open source filemanager with splitscreen filehandling like the widely known "Norton Commander" which was likely the force behind the development of all the filemanagers out there with a "Commander" in their names. Qmmander is written in C++ and uses Qt, a cross-platform application and GUI framework from Nokia.

Changelog for the Qmmander 0.1 development branch

0.1.0-a5-7 01/10/2010
- NEW: Compression functionality added (.zip archives)
Qmmander uses Lucian Wischik´s Zip Utils for file compression.

0.1.0-a4-6 12/24/2009
- NEW: Decompression functionality added for .zip and .7z archives.
Qmmander uses Ryan C. Gordon´s PhysicsFS-library [http://icculus.org/physfs/]
for browsing in archives and decompression.
- NEW: Updated to Qt 4.6

Click here to see the complete changelog for the 0.1 branch.

Screenshots of Qmmander 0.1.0 Alpha 4 (12/24/2009):

Qmmander main window:

Screenshots of Qmmander 0.1.0 Alpha 3 (10/25/2009):

Qmmander main window:

Screenshots of Qmmander 0.1.0 Alpha 1 (10/12/2009):

Qmmander splashscreen:

Qmmander main window with update dialog:

Qmmander main window with about dialog (Classic style in Windows 7):

Screenshots of Qmmander 10/08/2009:

Qmmander with two detailed fileviews:

Qmmander with the directory and network treeviews opened on the left side and some tabs on the right side:

The same window as the screenshot before only in an horizontal layout:

Tooltips for the filesystem object under the mousecursor on the left and "big icon" view on the right:

The same window as the screenshot before only with an activated quickfilter on the left:

In a Nutshell, qmmander...

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