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randtv - random tv

randtv is a 2D rendering of a stream of random numbers from the stdlib pseudo random number generator which produces an output that resembles the snow picture shown on an anlogue tv set. see screenshot below:

Usage: randtv [seedrand] width - width of generated visual height - height of generated visual refreshrate - frames rendered per second seedrand - seeds rand with the current time running ./randtv without arguments runs the program with values 320x240 30fps.

use randtv for art or for benchmarking purposes. On an intel T5250, randtv uses 35% of the cpu cycles of one core while the cpu is in performance mode.

randtv requires qt4. (python version, requires pyqt4) and (python nokia series 60 version) are also included (helps you appreciate the speeds of python, pyqt and pys60).


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