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Nov 04, 2017 — Dec 04, 2017
Commit Message Contributor Files Modified Lines Added Lines Removed Code Location Date
ticket:000 - add grpc locally (fix Makefile) 1b47e0a6d7984e33e59581d8364cc3dd?&s=32&rating=pg&d=http%3a%2f%2fopenhub.net%2fanon32 More... 14 days ago
ticket:1650 - removing a client should not close the SQLite database connection 1b47e0a6d7984e33e59581d8364cc3dd?&s=32&rating=pg&d=http%3a%2f%2fopenhub.net%2fanon32 More... 15 days ago
ticket:1647 - now compiles in gcc 6.3 with -Werror Anon32 More... 15 days ago
ticket:000 - add grpc 1.7.2 locally 1b47e0a6d7984e33e59581d8364cc3dd?&s=32&rating=pg&d=http%3a%2f%2fopenhub.net%2fanon32 More... 16 days ago
ticket:1649 - Petascope creates petascopedb even when rasdaman cannot start Anon32 More... 17 days ago
ticket:1647 - removed compiler ambiguities for newer versions of gcc Anon32 More... 17 days ago
ticket:1637 - WCST_Import escape invalid XML characters from coverage's metadata Anon32 More... 18 days ago
ticket:1646 - Petascope doesn't throw exception for unresolvable CRS's UOM Anon32 More... 18 days ago
ticket:000 - update grpc used in rasdaman from v0.15 to v1.7.2 + update the grpc-java plugin + update grpc jars used in rasj 1b47e0a6d7984e33e59581d8364cc3dd?&s=32&rating=pg&d=http%3a%2f%2fopenhub.net%2fanon32 More... 21 days ago
ticket:1644 - updated deprecated "auto_ptr" to "unique_ptr" Anon32 More... 21 days ago
ticket:1601 - Petascope migration cannot load gdal-java jni in test package on Centos 7 Anon32 More... 23 days ago
ticket:1641 - SECORE error when receving a request without trailing slash Anon32 More... 23 days ago
ticket:1643 - Petascope will not stop migration with error coverages/ows/layers Anon32 More... 23 days ago
ticket:1642 - Petascope writes the exception text to client via controllers when it cannot start Anon32 More... 23 days ago
ticket:1638 - Petascope migration returns a success message when petascopedb doesn't exist Anon32 More... 25 days ago
ticket:1640 - WCS client uses imported sample coverages from petascope_insertdemo.sh for WCPS queries example Anon32 More... 25 days ago
ticket:1639 - Petascope hibernate shouldn't update a coverage's crs to database implicitly when it's crs is replaced from $ to configuration in petascope.properties Anon32 More... 25 days ago
ticket:1636 - Build petascope_insertdemo.sh and petascope_insertdemo_data needs to be installed with cmake/autotools Anon32 More... 29 days ago
ticket:1631 - Petascope should not replace '-' with '_' for importing coverage id Anon32 More... about 1 month ago
ticket:1268 - remove the warning of wrong parent elemnt from maven build for petascope Anon32 More... about 1 month ago
ticket:1630 - remove residual files in test_select & update Makefile.am in qlparser and raslib Anon32 More... about 1 month ago
ticket:1629 - SECORE cannot resolve parametertized CRSs inside a parameterized CRS definition Anon32 More... about 1 month ago
ticket:1627 - Embedded SECORE needs user's configuration for secoredb path Anon32 More... about 1 month ago
ticket:1626 - SECORE should run without update scripts folder Anon32 More... about 1 month ago