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Analyzed 13 days ago. based on code collected 13 days ago.
Mar 10, 2016 — Mar 10, 2017
Commit Message Contributor Files Modified Lines Added Lines Removed Code Location Date
[SYSSETUP]: Translations update. Anon32 More... 13 days ago
[NETSHELL]: Fix the height of some dialog boxes. Anon32 More... 13 days ago
[NETSHELL][SYSSETUP]: Revert r74134 as it's not the correct fix for what I wanted to improve. Anon32 More... 13 days ago
[WIN32SS] Allocate memory for EDD_DIRECTDRAW_GLOBAL while creating PDEV (partially fixes CORE-7733) [SDK] Update EDD_DIRECTDRAW_GLOBAL structure Anon32 More... 13 days ago
[COMCTL32]: comctl32/propsheet: Diverse UI fixes: - Draw static text elements with a transparent background, so that they acquire the correct background color of the wizard window. - Modify the check for the header bitmap, as the header's hbmHeader is initialized also if the flag PSH_HEADER but not PSH_USEHBMHEADER is set (see function PROPSHEET_LoadWizardBitmaps). - Add a check for header's hbmWatermark so that the watermark is drawn only when a valid bitmap handle is present. - Fix a copy-pasta error when drawing the header's subtitle. Anon32 More... 13 days ago
[i8042prt]: Add yet another Dell Latitude hack, (for D810 this time). These Dell laptops undeniably have a peculiar init way that our driver doesn't support naturally. CORE-12899 Anon32 More... 14 days ago
[NETSHELL][SYSSETUP]: Enlarge a bit the height of the setup wizard pages, to not have the bottom text cropped. Fixes the appearance of them when being run from Windows. Anon32 More... 14 days ago
[NTOS:OB] Replace calls to ExFreePool by calls to ExFreePoolWithTag. Anon32 More... 14 days ago
[SHUTDOWN] shutdown -t causes crash Patch by Michael Fritscher. CORE-12886 #resolve #comment Thanks a lot! Anon32 More... 14 days ago
[UXTHEME_APITEST] -Add a test to show that CloseThemeData doesn't use exception handling. Anon32 More... 15 days ago
[UXTHEME] -Fix most new tests for DrawThemeParentBackground. Hackfix CloseThemeData. Anon32 More... 15 days ago
[UXTHEME_APITEST] -Add one more test for DrawThemeParentBackground. Anon32 More... 15 days ago
[UXTHEME_APITEST] -Add more tests for DrawThemeParentBackground. Anon32 More... 15 days ago
[USER32_APITEST] -Move the helper functions in the common include directory [UXTHEME_APITEST] -Use the helper functions to test the messages sent by DrawThemeParentBackground Anon32 More... 15 days ago
[COMCTL32] -Buttons with the BS_PUSHLIKE style are drawn as if they were BS_PUSHBUTTON. Fixes the appearance of buttons in the advanced appearance dialog. Anon32 More... 16 days ago
[KERNEL32]: Check for NULL pointer specified to lstrlenA/W and return null length, as specified in the MSDN doc and checked by the tests of r74118. This should remove the unwanted 1st-chance exceptions caught when debugging Office 2010 installation, that calls from time to time lstrlen with NULL pointers. Anon32 More... 16 days ago
[KERNEL32_APITEST]: Add basic tests for lstrlenA/W, focusing on its special handling of the NULL pointer. We detect that the NULL pointer is handled separately because no exception is generated, contrary to when the function is called with truly invalid pointers. I thank Mark for having mentioned the vectored exception handling to me, needed to catch first-chance exceptions. Anon32 More... 16 days ago
[PSDK][NDK]: Add AddVectoredContinueHandler, RemoveVectoredContinueHandler, and RtlRemoveVectoredExceptionHandler, RtlAddVectoredContinueHandler and RtlRemoveVectoredContinueHandler to our headers. Anon32 More... 16 days ago
[NtUser] - Remove scroll bar search that sends another WM_NCCALCSIZE message. Use wine as an example. See CORE-12827. Anon32 More... 16 days ago
[MKISOFS] Update mkisofs to schily-2017-02-16, which comes with the following fixes: - Fix null termination in libschily's Win32 implementation of opendir (submitted upstream by me). The bug was triggered when building an ISO from a directory instead of a graft-points (.lst) file. - Prevent -duplicates-once from being used together with -cache-inodes. These options exclude each other. 58bbffc6fd6608d87f821b0589e36532?&s=32&rating=pg&d=http%3a%2f%2fopenhub.net%2fanon32
Colin Finck
as cfinck
More... 17 days ago