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A Gnome Desktop Application providing Personal Finance functionality.
This project (Readies) aims to provide simple to use functions to monitor day-to-day financial transactions, and hopefully over time will build up to provide comprehensive reporting and alerting functionality.
The project is written in Perl, with Glade providing the user interface, and the Perl SQLite DB module providing the underlying data store. The choice of SQLite give myself access to a full-featured and fast storage layer, whilst removing any configuration issues that a 'real' RDBMS would need - the target user of this project is very much a desktop user, not a system admin.
Future developments will probably include XML for configuration management. A graphing system has yet to be designed.
This project should run on any system that has Perl and Gnome 1.4 - at the moment it has been tested on Mandrake Linux 9.0. GCC 2.9.5 or better is required to install the SQLite Perl module, which is accessible from the CPAN archive.
This project is not in competition with gnucash - gnucash offers a huge amount of functionality suitable for Home and Small Business use. Readies aims to be offer a much smaller range of functions tailored specifically for casual home use.



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