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This application is a Java Webstart application that can be run from a web site without installing any desktop software and will publish your desktop screen as an RTMP video stream to a Red5 server using the standalone RTMPClient Java class and the Screen Video Codec.

This application is based on the source code for the open-meetings desktop publisher, but converts the screen frames into a RTMP video stream on the client at source. This makes it different from open-meetings and even the bigbluebutton screen capture which create the video stream on the server after sending the image frames over the network.

The SVC1 encoder is compliments of Andrei Sochirca (http://www.smaxe.com/source.jsf?id=ExDesktopPublisher.java) who has a commercial library http://www.smaxe.com/product.jsf?id=juv-rtmp-client let you create the same solution in less than 250 KB (in comparison with 5.9MB of Red5 solution).

Copy screenshare.jnlp and screenshare.jar files to your web server and edit screenshare.jnlp

screen_share Replace my_red5_server.com with the host name of the Red5 or RTMP server you wish to publish your desktop screen to. Leave 1935 unless your RTMP port is something else. Replace oflaDemo with your customised application and screen_share with your choce of stream name.

You can also run it from the command line. For example:

java -classpath screenshare.jar org.redfire.screen.ScreenShare my_red5_server.com oflademo 1935 screen_share

Use the http://red5-screenshare.googlecode.com/files/publisher.swf application to view screen video streams

Please note that red5-screenshare does not work with FMS because of licensing issues. It should work fine with the Wowza server.


java red5 rtmp rtmpclient screenshare

In a Nutshell, red5-screenshare...

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