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Born as a framework for remote invocation of LINQ queries, Relinq is now a tool for bi-directional transformation between C# 3.0 expression trees and expressions of EcmaScript v3.

Below are the most prominent scenarios that can be implemented with Relinq:
* Querying LINQ datasources from JavaScript. Relinq provides a framework for processing remote queries to LINQ-enabled datasources from languages and environments that are .NET/LINQ-agnostic.
* Invoking cross-tier LINQ queries. Relinq makes it possible to remotely invoke LINQ queries Invoking a remote LINQ query is as simple as running the query against a simple provider.
* Dynamic construction of LINQ queries. Relinq provides means of building LINQ expressions with the use of string operations, parsing and invoking them.

In a Nutshell, relinq...

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