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Sutro ICQ Client

Armin B├╝scher
University of Dortmund
Massener Hellweg 30
59427 Unna

E-Mail: merlin.77@gmx.de

Patrick Szcypior
University of Dortmund
Sudermannstr. 22
44137 Dortmund

E-Mail: patty.szc@gmx.de


Sutro is an ICQ client based on the ricoh J2ME platform. You can log in by your uin number from ICQ.
The application can be used like other instant messengers.You can add contacts to your buddy list and chat to each of your buddies.

getting started:

0. install sutro and start the application

1. enter your ICQ uin number and your password, click on "login"

2. you are logged in. On the left side, there is the chat window, on the right the buddy list

3. click on "add contacts". Enter the uin number of the person yu want to add to your buddylist. By selecting a nickname in the buddylist you start a chat.

4. to chat click the "Chat" button

5. switch between several chat windows by clicking the names on top the chat window.

in development:

In future you will be able to send scanned objects and to print received files, if these files are printabel images or documents.

Your buddy list will be received automatically from the icq service.

Status details of your contacts.



In a Nutshell, Sutro...

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Jun 21 2016 — Jul 21 2016

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Jul 21 2015 — Jul 21 2016


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