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Project Summary

The goal of the project is to develop an open source solution for off-campus housing while at the same time, acting as a test bed for the WISP PHP framework. This project will be developed as a regular PHP website, then as the WISP Framework (http://code.google.com/p/wispframework) matures, the project will be branched to incorporate the framework features and act as a test application.

More details available at the Introduction Wiki Page.

NOTE: If there is a specific feature you want added or changed, please let me know here.

Update 1/13/2009: DemoI finally have a demo of the site up and running at http://sysadmin.union.rpi.edu/housing. Play around with the system, let me know of bugs, issues, and missing features. Google Maps support is still planned and is currently in development. The application is planned to replace the current system no later than the end of this year.

Also, this project was developed as part of the RPI Center for Open Source Software (http://rcos.cs.rpi.edu/main/). The Center wishes to extend a special thank you to Mr. Sean O'Sullivan for providing the funding for this project as well as all other projects overseen by the center.

Update 11/23/2008: DelaysUnfortunately, this past week has been pretty horrible for me. Several things went wrong but specifically my laptop stopped receiving power. Not having a fully working laptop has set back development a little, but next week I should be getting a new one. Currently the code that is in the repository represents the first Beta release of the program. The SQL database template is stored as dbtemplate.sql

Update 11/10/2008: Browser SupportI've gone through the browsers and determined which ones work well with this application as of this point. Currently:

Fully works (all implemented functionality):

Google Chrome 0.3 Mozilla Firefox 3.0 Apple Safari 3.1.2 Almost Fully works (CSS problems or minor glitches): Opera 9.6 Partially Works (Javascript Problems Mostly): Microsoft Internet Explorer 7 Microsoft Internet Explorer 8 (beta) Doesn't Work (You shouldn't even try right now): Microsoft Internet Explorer 6 (and earlier)

Update 11/7/2008: No betaSorry, no beta. I decided to add a bunch more features first. I'm giving a presentation next Friday so you can absolutely expect a beta by then.

Update 11/3/2008Significant progress has been made towards making this application a reality. I'm currently working on the ability to search, delete, and map listings. I expect to release the first beta of this application on Friday November 7 along with a demo site. At this time I'll begin watching for suggestions via the Issues tracker of google code. You can submit issues here.

Warning: This program is still extremely buggy in Internet Explorer, but full implemented functionality has been tested successfully in:

Firefox 3.0 Google Chrome 0.3 Apple Safari 3.1.2 Browsers that have full functionality are still buggy are: Opera 9.6 Internet Explorer 7 Internet Explorer 8 (beta) Browsers not currently supported are Internet Explorer 6 and earlier

The internet explorer family has issues with rendering the CSS properly, therefore, most functionality can be observed but it'll look pretty weird. Also, IE6 (and earlier) cannot render transparent PNG's and has far less Javascript compatibility with other browsers and therefore cannot render some of the administration pages properly. IE6 will minimally supported by this application, that is, unless you are an administrator, IE6 should work perfectly fine.

Note: Also, if you're particularly impatient, you can download the source code from SVN. A sample database for the program is included in /trunk/dbtemplate.sql in which it defines a default form and creates an administrator with the account information:

username: administrator password: housing The program requires PHP 5.x and MySQL 4/5 to run. Currently all authentication goes through MySQL but there are plans to support other login methods in the future.


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