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SynopisRPostgreSQL provides a DBI-compliant database connection from GNU R to PostgreSQL.

Development of RPostgreSQL was supported via the Google Summer of Code 2008 program.

The package is now available on the CRAN mirror network and can be installed via install.packages() from within R.

Summary of basic usage1. dbDriver(drv, ...) instantiates the driver object. Eg.

drv 2.dbConnect(drv,...) creates and opens a connection to the database implemented by the driver drv. Connection string should be specified with parameters like user, password, dbname, host, port, tty and options. For more details refer to the documentation. Eg.

con 3.dbListConnection(drv, ...) provides List of connections handled by the driver Eg.

dbListConnections(drv)4.dbGetInfo(dbObject, ...) and summary(dbObject) returns information about the dbObject (driver, connection or resultSet). Eg.

summary(con)5.dbSendQuery(con, statement, ...) submits one statement to the database. Eg.

rs 6.fetch(rs,n, ...) fetches the next n elements from the result set. Eg.

fetch(rs,n=-1) ## return all elements
fetch(rs,n=2) ##returns last 2 elements in record set.7. dbGetQuery(con,statement, ...) submits, execute, and extract output in one operation. Eg.

dbGetQuery(con,"select * from TableName")8. dbGetException(con, ...) returns the status of the last DBMS statement sent over the connection. Eg.

dbGetException(con)9. dbListResults(con, ...) returns the resultsets active on the given connection. Please note that the current RPostgreSQL package can handle only one resultset per connection (which may change in the future). Eg.

dbListResults(con)10. dbListTables(con, ...) returns the list of tables available on the connection. Eg.

dbListTables(con)11. dbExistsTable(con, TableName, ...) checks whether a particular table exists on the given connection. Returns a logical. Eg.

dbExistsTable(con,"TableName")12. dbRemoveTable(con, TableName, ...) removes the specified table on the connection. Returns a logical indicating operation succeeded or not. Eg.

dbRemoveTable(con,"TableName")13. dbListFields(con, TableName, ...) returns the list of column names (fields) in the table. Eg.

dbListFields(con,"TableName")14. dbColumnInfo(res, ...) produces a query that describes the output of the query. Eg.

dbColumnInfo(rs)15. dbReadTable(conn, name, ...) imports the data stored remotely in the table name on connection conn. Use the field row.names as the row.names attribute of the output data.frame. Returns a data.frame. Eg.

dframe 16. dbWriteTable(conn, name, value, ...) writes the contents of the dataframe value into the table name specified. Returns a logical indicating whether operation succeeded or not. Eg.

dbWriteTable(con,"newTable",dframe)17. dbGetStatement(res, ...) returns the DBMS statement associated with the result. Eg.

dbGetStatement(rs)18. dbGetRowsAffected(res, ...) returns the rows affected the executed statement. If no rows are affected, "-1" is returned. Eg.

dbGetRowsAffected(rs)19. dbHasCompleted(res, ...) returns a logical to indicate whether an operation is completed or not. Eg.

dbHasCompleted(rs)20.dbGetRowCount(res, ...) returns number of rows fetched so far. Eg.

dbGetRowCount(rs)21.dbBeginTransaction begins the PostgreSQL transaction. dbCommit commits the transaction while dbRollback rolls back the transaction. Returns a logical indicating whether the operation succeeded or not. Eg.


dbExistsTable(con,"newTable")22. dbClearResult(rs, ...) flushes any pending data and frees the resources used by resultset. Eg.

dbClearResult(rs)23. dbDisconnect(con, ...) closes the connection. Eg.

dbDisconnect(con)24. dbUnloadDriver(drv,...) frees all the resources used by the driver. Eg.


## loads the PostgreSQL driver
drv for any queries, suggestions or bugs, please contact:

Sameer Kumar Prayaga Dirk Eddelbuettel


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