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The Sippy RTPproxy is a high-performance software proxy for RTP streams that can work together with SIP Express Router (SER), OpenSER or Sippy B2BUA. Originally created for handling NAT scenarious it can also act as a generic media relay as well as gateway RTP sessions between IPv4 and IPv6 networks. RTPproxy was developed by Maxim Sobolev and now is being actively maintained by the Sippy Software, Inc.

The RTPproxy supports some advanced features, such as remote control mode, allowing building scalable distributed SIP VoIP networks. The nathelper module included into the SIP Express Router (SER) or OpenSER as well Sippy B2BUA allow using multiple RTPproxy instances running on remote machines for fault-tolerance and load-balancing purposes.


kamailio nat opensips proxy reSIProcate rtcp rtp sdp ser sip sippy tcp telephony traversal udp voip


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