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Posted about 11 years ago by Matt Zukowski
I'm working on ruby-nxt again, but SCM is now handled by Github at http://github.com/zuk/ruby-nxt/tree/master I may occasionally still push changes through to svn, but github is your better bet.
Posted over 13 years ago by Tony Buser
Not much new in this release. Mainly a few fixes to allow ruby-nxt to be packaged into a gem, finally! You also might find the examples/drb_server.rb interesting - a simple DRb server that keeps the bluetooth connection alive.
Posted over 13 years ago by Tony Buser
Major changes since last release. Getting close to version 1! Changes: Too many to count... - completed low level NXTComm with documentation - more complete unit and interactive tests - ultrasonic sensor support - the beginings of a ruby tk remote control gui app - new Commands module which implements NXT-G blocks