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SAIB is a technological infrastructure for the generation of Internet-based financial applications, ranging from Electronic Commerce to Internet Banking through to on-line Trading. It is therefore aimed at all Enterprises operating in financial sectors, typically Banks, Insurance Companies and Public Administrations, with solutions characterised by Internet as the main transmission channel, to attain a complete and modern management of the "interaction with the Customer and/or with the Citizen" phase.

Multi-channelling: the services and applications implemented with the SAIB architecture are accessible to Users over multiple channels: WEB browser on PC, electronic mail messages, multi-medial kiosks, set-top box, SMS via GSM cellular telephony, WAP on GSM, WAP on GPRS, UMTS.

Customising of User interface: the SAIB system guarantees an elevated degree of flexibility in the definition of the graphic layout presented to the Customer. In fact, it is possible to operate having previously established the rules that define the graphic interfaces according to the Customer’s reference class.

Data Mining Engine: it is an integral part of the SAIB architecture. Among other functions, it allows the automatic "profiling" of the Customers - Users for the definition of “sample targets” to which the Company marketing campaigns can be aimed.

Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) : the PKI integrated in the a SAIB technological infrastructure allows the Companies that have made or intend making their financial application accessible on the Internet channels, the possibility of creating a “virtual community” of its Customers. It will be the Company itself that, by utilising SAIB’s PKI tools, will be able to authorise and release certificates to its Customers to fully exploit all the security levels present on the Web.

Integration of Legacy environments: SAIB’s technological infrastructure allows the "uncoupling" of the applications laid out at legacy levels from the new services developed, in particular those based on Internet.
It therefore becomes very simple and convenient to develop new and articulated applications, utilising services that are already operating at legacy level, and integrated by new functions on new transmission technologies.

CRM-oriented : the possibility of integrating multiple pre-existing heterogeneous “worlds” in the SAIB environment with the new Customer realities made available by Internet’s transmission multi-channelling nature, allows the easy implementation of Customer Relationship Management-oriented applications.
The logging and monitoring centrally implemented by SAIB on the operations carried out by the Users together with the functions of a Data Base, designed by taking into account the CRM themes, constitute a solid base upon which to build new applications of this nature.

Modularity: the SAIB system is made up by independent modules that can be integrated among themselves in order to implement innovative, and at times complex, applications.
This implementation choice makes it possible to utilise SAIB’s infrastructure in a flexible and optimised way, without burdening the system with modules that are not necessary to the implemented application or with functions that are already supported through other solutions.



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